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John Daily, Chairman-Ft Lauderdale Region, Market Manager AE Financial Group, Ft Lauderdale FL

For any professional firm, the truest measure of long term success is its capacity to deliver and sustain “client satisfaction” at the highest level. Law Offices of Harvey Scholl, P.A. has achieved this pinnacle of success for consistently delivering incomparable customer service. Scholl Partners was founded on that principle and is universally recognized as the industry leader. The Law Offices of Harvey Scholl team continues to distinguish themselves by providing impeccable quality, professionalism and intense client focus. Simply said, no one does it better!

TIM DUNES, Partner, Lions Gate Group, West Palm Beach FL

Law Offices of Harvey Scholl, P.A.  is a pleasure to work with, they have such nice people, backed up by each and every one of them being excellent at their job. My congrats to you, Law Offices of Harvey Scholl, P.A.  is a standout. You have built a very special business.

Richard Donelly, Senior Partner and Chief Investment Officer, AUM Investments, Maimi, FL

I have had the pleasure of working with the Law Offices of Harvey Scholl, P.A. team extensively over the past 15 years and have appreciated more than just their ability to provide high quality title insurance and associated services. They constantly demonstrate how well connected they are to the real estate industry and use their connectivity to help their clients expand their relationships and have better access to deal flow and information. Their influence in the industry is that of a principal organization rather than just a service provider and their knowledge and influence within the Miami FL community is unrivaled. If you demand the best relationships and most capable people to be involved in your transactions then you need to add Heritage Title to your team.

LINDA ACOSTA, Chief Investment Officer, CDC Financial, Miami FL

I have worked with Law Offices of Harvey Scholl, P.A. for almost ten years during my tenure with IMA as the Managing Director and SVP of Investments and now at CDC as the Chief Investment Officer. We have worked together on well over 20 transactions and I am impressed with their commitment, quality, speed and thoroughness. They are clearly an industry leader in delivering competitive rates, comprehensive coverage and a high level of service to their clients. I value our relationship, personally and professionally, and am grateful for their tremendous efforts and unwavering partnership.

Martin Kelln, Chief Information Officer, Real-time Properties, West Palm Beach, FL

Law Offices of Harvey Scholl, P.A. has always been a constant in my real estate transactions. In an industry full of ebb and flow it is crucial to have a title company that is consistent with service, professionalism, and industry knowledge as a partner. This is why they are always written into our contracts as a deal point. Law Offices of Harvey Scholl, P.A. Team has never let me down.

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